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The Aries woman is built from fire. She is independent, strong and focused. She is all or nothing. She is filled with ambition and passion. With the energies of a springtime ram, her brave heart can accomplish anything. She is an inspiration to other women. She is bold and spontaneous, a fearless warrior. ‘Her courage was her crown and she wore it like a queen’ (Atticus). Ruled by Mars, her great energy and enthusiasm to take charge of her own life means she believes in her dreams and ambitions.

100% Cotton. Words by Sunday Lane.

For every T-shirt that is sold on RUNAWAYTHELABEL.COM, 100% of the profits go to Apeiron - a charity based in Nepal who fights to empower women, reduce gender-based violence and create a place where women and men can benefit from the same opportunities and enjoy the same rights.



      UNDERARM     WAIST      HEM      LENGTH

XS         45.5               45        49.5          65.5

S             48             47.5           52             66

M          50.5                50        54.5          66.5

L             53              52.5           57             67

XL         55.5                55        59.5          67.5

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