Pisces Tee - White

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Ruled by Neptune, this woman was born with subtle emotions, and secret mystic depth. She is friendly and kind-hearted but like a dream, she is so full of imagination, her mind swims at a depth, most would drown in. She comes from a planet of inspiration, receptivity and

illusion. She has an open mind. She is beautiful but not like most, she is beautiful for her mind, for the sparkle in her eyes when she talks about something she loves.

100% Cotton. Words by Sunday Lane.

For every T-shirt that is sold on RUNAWAYTHELABEL.COM, 100% of the profits go to Apeiron - a charity based in Nepal who fights to empower women, reduce gender-based violence and create a place where women and men can benefit from the same opportunities and enjoy the same rights.



      UNDERARM     WAIST      HEM      LENGTH

XS         45.5               45        49.5          65.5

S             48             47.5           52             66

M          50.5                50        54.5          66.5

L             53              52.5           57             67

XL         55.5                55        59.5          67.5

SKU: RN18-4052-WHT-12

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