About Us


For the lovers of fashion, beauty, culture and travel, meet Runaway the Label. Loved by Australian and international bloggers and fashion influencers, Runaway is for the it-girls and the effortlessly stylish, the trendsetters and the girls who are dripping in confidence and attitude. We are the go-to brand for women who are always on the go, always in the know and always the best dressed in the room.

We also stock Seven Wonders the Label, Prem the Label and She.Is.Us.

Seven Wonders is made up of collections inspired by decades past with a modern take. With a touch of nostalgia and playfulness, Seven Wonders injects a fresh feeling into vintage styles for our customers who are travellers, explorers and dreamers.

Prem is our luxe counterpart, full of items that feature unique cuts, embellishments and statement pieces crafted for those women who like to stand out in a crowd.

She Is Us is a new fashion label for the girl who knows what she wants and how to get it. It is for the girl who loves to experiment with her style. She is eternally stylish, effortlessly cool, not a leader or a follower, but someone who is completely in her own league.


Designed for the millennial woman, Runaway the Label is designed in-house and inspired by social media, street style, the latest looks and runway trends we know that you'd love. From the Sydney offices in which the clothes are designed to the factories in which the clothes are made, we work closely together daily to bring you fits you'd love.


This is who we are and what we stand for as a company:
Customer commitment
Runaway the Label is first and foremost committed to our customer's happiness. We believe an important aspect of joy is looking good and feeling good, and so our whole team works with our customer's satisfaction in mind. We want people to look and feel expensive without compromising their budget.
High quality
Our aim is to provide women around the world with both stylish, high-quality "forever" pieces at an affordable price point. With frequent releases, our collections are a mix between wardrobe staples and trend-driven styles. Designed with our customers' happiness in mind, made with the highest quality materials we can find and packed with care, our aim is to deliver premium value to our customers.
We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions. We aim to provide all our customers with high quality products and high quality service. If something is amiss, we will endeavour to rectify any situation in order to leave our customer happy.
From our fashion designers in Sydney to our Production Team who make the garments, from our Customer Care team online to our Warehouse Team who pack your orders (and everyone in between), we work closely together daily to bring you fits you'd love.
Respect for people
At Runaway the Label, we value our people, encourage development and reward performance. We believe in fostering a friendly environment in order to achieve high levels of success, as this flows onto how we do our work.
Good citizenship
We value being good citizens in our communities we live and work in, as well as our greater community. We believe in a world where everyone benefits from the same opportunities and enjoys the same rights. Each month, Runaway the Label financially supports four different charities that we believe fight for exactly this.
The first is Apeiron. Based in Nepal, they are a women's shelter who fight to empower women and children and reduce gender-based violence. 
The second is MyGapYear Foundation. Based in Cambodia, they build houses and provide furniture and rice for families who would otherwise be victims of poverty. This often leads to limited access to food, safe water and education, working under abusive conditions, sex slavery and child trafficking. 
The third is Save The AIDS Generation. Based in Uganda, they are an orphanage who aim to support children and women affected by HIV/AIDS.
We also regularly make one-off donations on behalf of Runaway the Label and our customers, depending on world events and ongoing crises.
Personal accountability 
We hold ourselves accountable for delivering on our commitments.